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Age to Fit

Waist Size - Inches
(Approx Stretch)

Outside Leg (B)

Inside Leg (A)

3 to 4 Yrs

16 to 18

24 Inches


4 to 5 Yrs

18 to 20

26 Inches


5 to 6 Yrs

18 to 21

28 Inches


7 to 8 Yrs

20 to 22

30 Inches


9 to 10 Yrs

21 to 24

32 Inches


10 to 11 Yrs

22 to 26

34 Inches


11 to 12 Yrs

24 to 26

36 Inches


12 to 13 Yrs (Small)

25 to 27


27.5 Inches

13 to 14 Yrs (Med)

28 to 30


28.5 Inches


32 to 34


29 Inches

X - Large

34 to 36


29.5 Inches

XX - Large

36 to 38


29.5 Inches

XXX - Large

38 to 40


29.5 Inches

Boys Trousers
This style of trouser has been especially manufactured to cater for all fits of children.  The Waist Size column is based upon an approx 'comfortable' stretch and not the maximum capable stretch of the trousers. The Large - XXX - Large help to cater for the more healthy children who enjoy an extra bit of room around the waist!
The age is only a guideline when measuring for children under the age of 12 please use the Outside Leg guidelines, as the waist is elastic while the height would be the main concern.
If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate in contacting us, and one of our expert staff will help to asses the necessary sizes.


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